Saturday, May 31, 2014

An Excursion on Shabbot - Old Jaffa

I love Israel, I love Tel Aviv. I love traveling. It makes me feel alive in a way I haven't in such a long time! 

Today is Shabbot - the Sabbath, so nothing Jewish is open today. But the Arab quarter is!

I went on a tour of Old Jaffa today. These are just a few of the photos of our trip. It's beautiful.

It's a 3500 year old city conquered and conquered again. Fought over, given stolen. Blood has been split on these streets.

But today it is quiet, a grand reminder that we don't have it all figured out in 2014. What of our civilization will be left in 1000 years?

Old Jaffa today is home to an artist colony. The ancient, narrow walkways are home to paintings, sculptures, jewelry.

Including this sculpture - the egg shaped pot is suspended in midair and holds a live orange tree. There will be oranges ripe for picking in a few months. 

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